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We craft the strategy, design, development, integration and marketing to grow your online sales.

Friend In Commerce is a trusted team of diverse yet like-minded specialists that take our clients' needs, goals, and dreams and shepherd them into reality. All of our experts are battle-tested and push conversion innovation based on data-driven results.

Top Services

What we do, we do very well!

Friend In Commerce is a full-service agency that specializes in Shopify digital commerce stores, as well as other advanced platforms that lay the foundation for stronger customer experiences, higher conversion rates and an increase in your average order value (AOV).

eCommerce Strategy & Planning

We analyze your business, competitors, industry and targeted audience to craft a customized strategy that will drive and convert more customers.

Store Design, Development & Buildout

Whether it's leveraging Shopify or creating a custom tech stack to deliver a compelling and optimized customer experience, we deliver precision & innovation.

Store Migrations

You've worked hard to cultivate your customer base and, with our "white glove" store migration process, you and your customers will not miss a beat.

Product Marketing & Conversion Optimization

Our marketing team using content and tech will optimize engagement, boost conversions, increase average order value and create loyal customers.

Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards

Growth strategy must be data-driven, and we specialize in taking your complex data and deliver simplified dashboards that give an instant health check.

Client Education

Our online training portal will empower your staff not only to administer your digital commerce store but to educate them on how to continue the growth strategy.


Our Talented Team

Oliver Waller

Marketing Strategist at
Friend In Commerce (Agency Founder)

Beth Waller

Platform Management at Friend In Commerce (Co-Founder)

Rick Dilliott

Developer & Outbound Marketing Specialist at Friend In Commerce

Jason Loughridge

Video Director at Friend In Commerce

Tools Of Our Trade

Building your tech stack for
business success & growth.

At Friend In Commerce, we focus on leveraging reliable yet flexible platforms that are scaled to your requirements but will also give you the peace of mind that as your business grows your tech stack will be up to the task.

The security of your store as well as your customer's data is paramount to your brand reputation, so with that in mind Friend In Commerce places the highest priority on your tech stacks security and compliance.

Modern user experience demands results on demand, and the page load & optimization of your e-commerce store is no exception. Friend In Commerce develops with an emphasis on site optimization so users can focus on completing their shopping and checkouts without annoying delays.

The key to effective marketing and business growth is to know your numbers. Friend In Commerce is passionate about providing the information you need in clear and effective dashboards so you can plan fully informed business strategies and grow your business faster.

Our Specialties


Our Clients

Virtual Event Platform
L&D Coaching and Training Programs
Nutritional Health Products &
Wellness Programs
Live Event Ticket Sales & POS Systems
Nutritional Health Products &
Training Programs
Nutritional Health Products &
Training Programs
Daily Journal & Life Planner
Podcasting Masterclass
Online Membership
Business Mentoring
Subscription Service
Celebrity Online Classes

Home Decor & Gifts

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